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(((wd))) :p [04 Jan 2005|07:50pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Last weekend was New Years. It was loads of fun haha. B) I spent it at Hul's with Jaclyn, Meebes, Gabby and a few others :p The next day I went to Friendly's with the same people and took the funniest pictures with my sisters phone while she worked haaaa. Infact I'm ITPING right now, lamayyyy. Everythings been really good lately. I probly just jinxed myself but whatev. :)

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[02 Jan 2005|01:11pm]
[ mood | tired ]

got this from Nan and like ten thousand other people

Ten Bands That Rock My Socks
oo1. Something Corporate
oo2. Taking Back Sunday
oo3. The Format
oo4. Senses Fail
oo5. Punchline
oo6. Fall Out Boy
oo7. Brand New
oo8. The Early November
oo9. The Used
o1o. Nirvana

Nine Things You're Looking Forward To...
oo1. seeing Nan and Heather
oo2. summer
oo3. new classes
oo4. another vacation
oo5. newest harry potter
oo6. new soco cd
oo7. seeing andrew again
oo8. troy on dvd
oo9. 16th bday

Eight Things You Wear Daily...
oo1. socks
oo2. tanktop
oo3. shirt
oo4. jacket or sweatshirt of some kind
oo5. perfume
oo6. pants :)
oo7. underwear
oo8. shoes

Seven Ways To Win My Heart
oo1. make me laugh
oo2. have fun
oo3. like my freinds
oo4. dont be mean
oo5. act normal
oo6. dont be gay :)
oo7. idk lol

Six Things You Touch Every Day...
oo1. my hair
oo2. my face
oo3. mouse/keyboard
oo4. fridge
oo5. radio
oo6. doorknobs

Five Things You Do Every Day...
oo1. go on the computer
oo2. sleep
oo3. talk on the phone
oo4. eat
oo5. walk

Four People Who Rock Your Socks....
oo1. andrew
oo2. jaclyn
oo3. hulinator
oo4. meebes

Three Movies You Could Watch Over and Over...
oo1. Mean Girls
oo2. Sorority Boys
oo3. Hocus Pocus

Two Of Your Favorite Songs At This Moment...
oo1. Smile - Onelinedrawing
oo2. Hole in the World - Thursday

One Thing You Want To Be Doing Right Now...
oo1. sitting with jaclyn, meebes, hul, and gabby doing nothing but just laughing our asses off :)

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[29 Dec 2004|01:34pm]
[ mood | wtf does lethargic mean ]

Ohkayyyy time for another update lol.

Christmas was absolutely horrible this year and the only thing that was even close to being a plus was getting my iPod. Thats all Im saying about that. I went to Hul's house on Monday and saw Meebes for a sec. Were probobly going to do something tonight maybe with Jaclyn if she feels like it. I hope she does cuz I havnt seen her in forev..im having withdrawl gosh. Tomorrow we have a game at 1 then im off to..well im off. And then the next day also. This weekend is planfree so Idk whats goin on. Oh and I finally saw Napoleon Dynamite at Gabbys house..wow wicked funny haha. I cant figure out how to make my layout the way I want it and thats gayyyy but whatev I'll prob ask Becka for help :) cuz she trains. Thats it.

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[25 Dec 2004|01:42pm]
pray for her <3
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[22 Dec 2004|07:09pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

3 days until christmas! :o

Last Saturday was our Secret Santa party. I was just a tad bit late so I missed the chinese oh well lol. We opened the gifts like right when I got there. I didnt have one but its ok I got it, well Im getting it haha. It was fun especially ripping out the nsync..yea thats right nsync. :P

Then I truly cant remember what I did, oh nevermind I went to the mall to get presents for the fam :) It was fun. I got a free scarf for myself, WHAT A DEAL haha.

hmm school school school's been good. Nothing really new at all, except were playing a game in english its pretty competitive. I wasnt THAT upset that by the end of the period we were losing by like 20 points..lol. IPS is same lab stuff BUT DOM WASNT HERE TODAY SO WE COULDNT LISTEN TO DANE COOK AND DIE LAUGHING :( It really is hilarious. Im skipping math cause souceys layin down the law so its not fun.

Tuesday I went to the girls game after practice. It was fun but we lost. Annnd thats it.

Today I started off my day with the welcoming of the 12th book in the Darren Shan saga..haha Im gonna finish it tonight <3 so good lol. And tomorrow I have a game in Westboro and Im gonna be there until like 9 and then im going to Hul's for the night and we plan on having a chess-off yep thats right B) shes goin down haha

Soooo this weeks been really good and one more day of school until vacation which is amazing :)

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<3 [14 Dec 2004|06:12pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Havnt updated in a bit, my internets been wickidy wack :P

Things have been pretty good. Last weekend (the one that just past) Caitlin came over and she lives in NY so that was cool. We saw Bridget Jones Diary 2 it was ok but Hugh Grant was amazing haha <333. I also went to the mall that Friday with Jaclyn Mia and Gabby and surprisingly we saw my cousin there, wait not surprising on account of she lives there haha. We all basically got secret santa presents.

Schools nothing but the norm. After school is basketball everyday..joyyyy. But I guess it pays off cause we woooooooon :D represent freshman B) haha. Today in IPS we did absolutely NOTHINGGGGGGG except play with gimp. That was awesome. ANDDDDD me and Gabby listened to Dane Cook on Doms ipod...we were literally crying. It was soooooooo funny, effing hilarious. "Im a bouncer at the BK Lounge" hahahaha I need that CD.

OK thats it. Im gonna go check soco.net for updates.

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[06 Dec 2004|06:51pm]
[ mood | haha touched ]

Mr. Soucey gave me a detention today for singing the cha-cha slide out loud...it really wasnt my fault everyone decided to clap their hands like me and jamey haha. Wow, it was hilarious though. Highlight of my week by far. :) B)

The past weekend I didnt really feel too good and didnt do anything but watch movies. It was great. I saw Saved and I really liked it, wicked funny lol. Oh and I also decorated for Christmas which is my all time favorite part of the holiday, decorating :D It makes me wicked happy, even though my tree is physically deformed, whatev :)

School is the same. Englsih is my favorite work wise. IPS is just laughing and having fun with fire which I love so thats my favorite class. Algebra is ok too but I actually have to do work and its math which takes a long time "ew" lol. Health/gym are just a waste of my life completely. Annnnd thats it.

Im gonna change my journal once I figure out what I want, if you were wondering. And i need smaller font this is redic.

Alright Im done. Comment :)

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[02 Dec 2004|03:09pm]
[ mood | calm ]

This week has been...faaaaannntastic haha

Monday consisted of school and then basketball tryouts. School consisted of probably just a fun IPS but I cant remember fo sho. Then basketball tryouts were rediculous and Im pretty sure Im still sore lol.
Tuesday, school went by so slow and then tryouts went by even slower on account of at 8 that night I was going to be at the WBRU BIRTHDAY BASH. It was totally fantastic in every way.
Wednesday was again school and then practice at 6:30 which was great becuase I got to sleep from 3-6 because I was so tired from getting home at 1:30 the night before.
Today was good because I picked a name for secret santa. I also got to enjoy another one of Mateo's soon to be famous Pinapple Co. Comics that are fantastically hillarious. Seriously folks, theyre the best <3
Friday is Jamey/Jimmy's birthday party and Im not sure if I can go because of practice, whatev :-/
Then Im not sure about the rest of the weekend.

Comment if you can fully fill me in on the One Tree Hill episode i missed </3

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[27 Nov 2004|03:21pm]
[ mood | happy ]

i know, i know..you must be asking yourself, who is that amazingly hott guy in brittany's LJ icon? hahahaha I crack myself up :)


Wednesday I went to the highschool..pshh figures on a day off i end up there anyway lol watev. I painted this rediculously awesome flower, actually it sucked but it was fun. Then I went to gabbys and watched the day after tomorrow i really liked it cuz it was an action/love story :) just like spiderman 2 greaaat movie. And i also owned her in guess who B)

Then thursday was the day of giving thanks. I went to my dads familys which just happened to be my cousin Patricias house. Then she came over and we watched dawn of the dead..gay gay gay gayyyyyyyyyy lol.

Friday was pretty amazing haha well it was fun lol cuz me and patricia just like acted like retards the whole day and then we went to the movies withhhhhhhh...Alex Mia Gabbyt Jaclyn and Jeff haha. We saw National Treasure which I thought was really good and get this...

THEY PLAYED THE FORMAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN THE BACKROUND MUSIC...yes i was flipping and we all stayed to see the credits and THEY WERE IN THEM! im so proud lol

Then we headed to chiles and saw Kaity Josh Krista and Tony there B)

anndd today Im not doing anything cuz im wicked t to the ireddddd lmao see see that gayness was from sleep prevention. okay im gonna go lol comment if you wanttt

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Not even a heart transplant would show you how I feel. [24 Nov 2004|08:31am]
[ mood | confused ]

I cant sleep anymore so Im updating. Wierd for some reason I just cant sleep later than atleast 9 anymore, whatev :). Last night I watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban :D Idc what anyone says HP is like one of the coolest things ever. Im glad for Thanksgiving break, schools getting idk whats the word im looking for, REPETETIVE..yea thats it lol. FUCKKKKK i just remembered i have to decorate the float today "ew" well thats a bummer. Oh well. Gabrielles birthday is Monday :) I know what Im gonna get her already. B)

Ehh im done updating lol, something different though, I was trying to think of all my top favorite songs ever last night and I realized it was almost impossible without like months contemplation but anyways, comment with a few songs that you think are noteworthy enough to be called the best ever :)

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When Im with you, theres no point in breathing [21 Nov 2004|11:30am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

First real update for a while :)

Schools been going really good I guess. I got high honors, that was sorta a surprise but a much welcomed one. IPS is by far my favorite class. We dont do anything except play with fire ocasionally B) Not to mention I have it with the cooles people ever ;) Basketball starts soon and Im actually looking forward to it. Me and Alex should have major fun playing "YOU JUST LOST A MILLION DOLLARS!!!"

Last night was Doms birthday party B) It was fun. We listened to a lot of music I didnt know and watched Josh get his ass kicked in Madden. Then we watched Taking Lives wicked good movie. Oh and I learned how to play hearts...kinda haha. Then we played San Andreas which was funny to watch Cathleen and Gabby blow up in cars lol.

Thats pretty much all I have to say :)

"I cant stand to think about
a heart so big it hurts like hell
oh my god i gave my best
but for 3 whole years to end like this
well do you wanna fall apart
I cant stop if you dont start.."

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New Layout :D [18 Nov 2004|03:21pm]
I decided Id bring back the journal just so when i comment in other peoples and they look in mine its not the same layout and entry it has been for like..a month or so..watev :)
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saturday! [30 Oct 2004|05:13pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

okay im finally updating agin haha this one wont be as long tho ;)...

volleyball ended. im gonna miss it but now i have a little spare time lol and soon enough basketball will start up so i wont have nothing to do for too long :). I went to the first football game this year haha it was fun surprisingly...something spacifically made it a great night but i'll leave that alone haha. tonights the harvest dance :D! i dont rlly have a costume..shhh im just wearing a soco shirt and calling myself a groupie...but im also gonna wear alexs aviators wooooo B) gabbys being a groupie with me too haha so im not the only lame person without a costume :) haha. umm thats about it thats rlly been going on...ive missed all my chances at possibly going to a show ne time soon :( but oh well i'll keep looking... birthdays in like a week and a couple days and OC ON THURSDAY!! WOOO! im so excited haha! yepp thats wat my life consists of haha B) im gonna go now and walk arounf my house a little more waiting to go to Mariesa's haha comment if u want <3

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[24 Oct 2004|09:58am]
[ mood | tired ]

Last time I updated was Wednesday after we won game 7 so im trying to remember whats been going on since then. :)

Wednesday was horrible. About half way through first mod I got this wicked wicked wicked bad migrane that made me feel like i was going blind which i kept telling Jeff but I dont think he believed me lol. Seriously though it was the worst pain Ive ever felt in my head and it made me sick to my stomach and I couldnt see cause my eye sight was so blurry. So by third mod i was like crying and i went to the nurse but of course my mom wasnt home on this one day only sooo i had to go back to class and then lunch. I ate some of those bread bowls with turkey fricase...they were so amazing lol and it sorta made me feel better. Then my mom came during last mod which happened to be Mr Souceys class and of course I felt better just in time not to go home. So i told my mom just to get tylonel from the nurse and Id stay so i didnt miss volleyball practice after school. Im just so dedicated..haha. After Volleyball I went home and took a nap so I could stay up for game 7 which was amazing cause we won. Which i still cannot beleive. oh AND it was James' bday B)

OK, thursday was pretty good i think. I got my english essay due date moved from friday to monday so i can do it today instead of last thursday when i really didnt have time. Its about this wicked stupid book called Ethan Frome yuckkkkkkkkkkk. Then I had to swim in gym during last mod. It wasnt that bad except it took me a wicked long time to get ready but I had to stay at the school for volleyball anyways so it worked out pretty good. That night we travelled to Wachusett and both JV and Varsity won. B) I started all three games for once that was pretty cool. That night I went to bed at like 9 after copying the vocab from James haha.

Friday was good too I think Im not really sure but whatev. So it was activity mod first thing and I had decided that I better actually finish Ethan Frome before writing an essay about it so I just read the whole time. Then I dont think anything really monumental happened so I can just skip the day except for IPS which is great everyday cause its my favorite mod lol. It was pretty fun cause once again we didnt really do anything haha but our labs are due Tuesday so Im deff gonna start them today. After school I had practice and we decided what we were gonna do for monday. Were going to Jess' after school and getting pizza and stuff b4 the game. Then after that I went to Jackies house. We watched Edward Scissorhands <3 I love that movie JD's so cute in it haha. Cant forget Degrassi either..we saw this commercial which shows someone holding a gun to Emma and Sean getting in the way and its like...yea..Degrassi goes there..IT LOOKS SOOOO GOOD. I cant wait! Mia and Lauren were supposed to come over too but they couldnt I guess. Then I improved my french braiding skills hahaha not really lol. We also made some apple crisp stuff which was good. In the morning we made pancakes and watched Casper and Shes All That. Then we played a game of Rummy 500 which we didnt finish :(

Saturday..ummm I got home at like 4 and I went online of course hahaha. Then i took a shower and got ready for Gabrielles to watch game 1 of the WORLD SERIES. Haha it was wicked fun :P probably funner than a certain other party i know of... B) "Whats big and hairy?" "YOUR MOM" haha so greattttttttttt lol. I got home at like 11 something and watched the end of the game as MARK BELLHORN hit the homerun to take the lead and win in then next inning puting the red sox in the lead of the WORLD SERIES. Still amazing to say haha.

And finally today which I plan on spending doing homework...ok even I know i say it but it never happens haha. But I do have to write that essay and practically do all the lab work cuz tomorrow I wont have time for it. But right now its only 10:40 so I do have all day lol. The senses fail concert is today..how depressing...I fucking wanted to go so bad but oh well. And TBS is still on hold cuz ticket master is being extremely gay lol.

I think i just went for the longest update ever record and the funny thing is no one is even gonna read it lol. bye <3

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[20 Oct 2004|08:06pm]
[ mood | excited ]

ok everythings been going good lol but thats not rlly important right now bcuz its like 8 on wednesday night....

GAME 7!!!!!! :D

tonight is the most anticipated game of the year and i will be watching the whole thing

comment if you fucking love the red sox =P

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[18 Oct 2004|12:49am]
12:50 at night...bottom of the 11th...all i can say is...

we better fucking win this
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[11 Oct 2004|04:23pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

ok good mood lets see if my cpmputer freezing and me losing all that i wrote wont ruin it for me this time :D lol that was pretty funny well my tweak was haha.

ok sooooooo this week hmm nothing rlly...o got the new used cd this week i think..or that was last week..cant remember lol. we had 3 homegames and i cant remeber how many we won or lost exactly but our record is like 6-7 something like that..im having the biggest memory blocks haha.....lets just skip to the weekend. :) :)

ok so fridayy hmm i had a game and we won that one i remember. after the game i went to applebees and then went straight to julias :D it was me julia mia and jaclyn B) we watched halloweenhigh cuz were cool like that hahaha jaclyn thought it wasnt as good as the other ones but i like it hehe. 0:-) the next day would be saturday and i just pretty much stayed home and went online hahaha then i watched pretty woman with my idol <3 lol anndd thheenn i went to the movies with my mom to see the forgotten..i saw a ton of ppl there ha. the movie was pretty good i thought, some scary parts lol. then i went home and went to mcdonalds at like 12 with my sister and jamie B) it was a gangsta ride hahahaha jk..but rlly. theennnnnnnn i watched degrassi but fell asleep for the new episode that i still havnt seen ha. the next day was yesterday which was sunday and it was pretty busy i woke up late and had to get ready for a babyshower. i left at 12 and stayed till like 330. there were so many babys there i loved it haha <3 :) ummm my cousin and her firned were there and i was glad to see them all we did wad sing taking back sunday songs..out loud hahaha that was pretty funny. thenn i had to get home cuz i made plans to go to the movies with gabbyd and jeff...and then dom came to.....hahaha. it was wicked fun we went to chiles andd then saw friday night lights B) that movie was good but i didnt like the ending...annnddd then at like 945 i got to mias cuz she was having ppl over and said i could come late...gabby came late too so it was all good...we watch mean girls lmaoooooooo funnnnyyyyy. "great wig janice wats it made of" lmao hahaha and mias dog got a new name instead of yoda he is now known as AMBROCIOUS..or AMBRO...or AMBY hahahhaha thnx to jaclyn for those lmao...umm the night was pretty fun...today i left mias at like 11 and ive pretty much done nothing but homework :) such a good student HA lol. and i watched and heard the most amazingg konstantine preformance of a lifetime...and to great fortune i can watch it on the tv everyday after nov9th :D :D :D haha oh man i love A. McMahon <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

hmm nothing more rlly lol...tbs probly :D and then sf! B) woooo!!!! pumped lol

im gonna go get ready for tomorrow which will be school then volleyball then health project with jaclyn and then

THE REDSOX! so i can watch the yankees get their ass kicked B)

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[07 Oct 2004|02:30pm]
[ mood | moody ]


wow this fucking sucks i cant remember ne thing i wrote im pissed..

this shouldnt be getting me so upset but it is.

ok well B4 IN THE ENTRY THAT I WROTE ABOUT TEN MINUITES AGO >=0 i said that i didnt rlly do ne thing all week except school and practice which is why i got a kick out of someone telling me i needed to write about better stuff...wat would u prefer...how bad volleyball practice sucks for me or how im doing in all my classes cuz thats wat my life consists of now :) ok wow i was so happy a second ago..i think i have severe mood swings :o the other entry wasnt like this at all.

i talked about the concerts...how all my friends totally bailed on the tbs idea and thats gay times a mill yet b4 i didnt say that i just said they decided not to go..see see much more moody now wtf...lol ok im just talking to myself in this so dont even fucking read on...its a waste of time rlly...stop..now.

senses fail is on a saturday so no matter wat im going to that probly with becka and ne one else that wants to go i guess..and idk details on mcr but we'll see..

my brithdays in like 32 days...there was a smiley face there b4 but i have lost all sense of happiness on that thought...YD MY COMPUTER HAVE TO BE A DICKWAD OMG..and then theres a lot of other november bdays...like dom and gabby and other ppl i mentioned b4 but dont feel like it now

oc dvd- nov 4th
live from the ventura- nov. 9th
hp3- nov. 23rd

cant wait...

wow this is so fucking gay

right now is where i stopped but it was mcuh longer cuz i threw in happy comments and my nice comical sense of humor b4 it was rudely torn away from me as i was placed into this shitty mood...wow y does this bother me so much w/e :)

ummm thats it...this weekend..ppl have PLANNED TO CARRY THROUGH WITH THEIR PLANS...not mentioning ne names...so i'll probly just stay home like the loner i am

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[07 Oct 2004|02:28pm]
fuck this shit i just typed this huge long kick ass entry and then it fuckin ended the program or something ahhh im not y[ing all that again so fuck updating

god hate me
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updating :) [03 Oct 2004|03:27pm]
[ mood | content ]

wow its been a wicked long time since i last updated. i havnt really been on the computer that much ive been wicked busy. hmm wats been going on. well the last time i updated i was in a wicked bad mood that lasted like a week but im out of that :) andd im perfectly content with everything i guess. all ive been doing pretty much is school work and volleyball..well atleast during the week. this weekend me and jaclyn went out and then saw the last 10 minutes of the game hahaha cuz we had to talk to the bandies about going to friendlys..we walked to my house and my mom gave me her and kevin a ride. B) and then mia gabby and julia came and we couldnt sit with them but wen we finished eating we went over there ne ways..after that jaclyn mia and julia came to my house gabby couldnt cuz she had a game in the morning. umm we talked and watched the sweetest thing...i seriously know that movie line by line =P lol then on saturday i babysat for the loiselles cuz jackie was in ny but she came home at 11 and i slept over we tried to watch some degrassi but i fell asleep hahaha. ummm im not sure if i wrote about last weekend but i cant remember and i think i did ne ways. right now im doing vocab and watching the pats theyre not doing too good :-/ but toms perfectly throwing every pass and theyre just not catching them mother effers :) we better win. me and gabbyd were supposed to go to the movies with our bud jeff but i couldnt and neither could gabby cuz we had things to do so were gonna go next weekend and make him watch ladder 49 i think its called w/e the fire fighter movie haha with john travolta <333 =P lol..... like the new layout? becka helped me a bit again hahaha cuz im retarded but i think i finally get it all now...we'll see if i can do it bymyself the next time i change it. ummmm my rooms a mess and i might try to pick it up a little...atleast my desk area haha just to avoid doing vocab but i rlly shouldnt i have to study 160 words or something :-/ and i have to get atleast a 96 like last time haha lol. err ok im gonna go nowww

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