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first update in forevvvv..
hmm im in north carolina right now visiting hannah and heather. its been great everyone here is amazing. but i do miss home ha. so me and lizzy are coming back on friday.

just thought id update on account of my thoughts other places are being deleted :o go figure...

soo hmm with the note on "fabulous bullshit" i would just like to thank that person on realizing the fabulosity. word, or no word. we dont deserve this shit especially jaclyn and mia. you can hate me, you can even hate gabby. WE DONT CARE. but jaclyn, no way shes done absolutly nothing, unlike me who caused the whole world to turn on you. thats right. i did it. ON PURPOSE TOO. one day i sat down and was like who can i reak havoc on today :) so thats how that went down. and regaurding the north carolina buisness. that was rediculous.. going/ not going/ going/ not going. did you ever consider what me and lizzy had to plan around you. probly not but its ok, no biggie. i just really would appreciate it if you matured the situation, stopped being a bitch to jaclyn and/or mia annnnd just stoppped completely, with everything.

sorry to have to wasted any ones time who bothered to read that. it was only meant for one person who was being childish.

annd thats basically it. so now i can go another 89324732490 days without updating :D
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