... (notyourstar412) wrote,

On account of an upcoming event I have decided to revert back to the old andrewized journ. Its been a long time but 6/28 is once again a go. :D PEACE

eh im probly gonna change the backround..its too big and black.

hmm this weekend was wicked fun me, jaclyn, mia, hul, lizzy, and gabby went to jackies house and played some extreeme wiffleball which consisted of huls full out belly-flop dive for first base which she reached successfully. probobly one of the funniest things ive ever seen annnnd then we went inside and ate wiffleball icecream cake! that was gangster. I slept over jackies annnd then we woke up watched episode 2 and THEN went to the theater and saw episode 3. a most amzing movie it was says Yoda he does (laymay im so gay :)) wickd sad but still amazing. And then that night i watched half of the movie closer but i didnt finish because it was perverted and a waste of my life. then i went to sleep andd woke up wicked early for some reason and did absolutely nothing oh wait i shopped online and charged $225 that was fun but then i did absolutely nohing but shower geometry homewrok then sleep. and today i went to school..MUCHO FUN. and now im going to do homework again and count the hours til one tree hill.
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