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Dear Journal,

Please remind me never to get a myspace. :)

Thank You.

Ok updatteeeee..
I love New York, gosh especially NY State haha. I just love reminding every yankee fan who won the world series this year :D Umm yesterday we watched One Tree Hill and although I already finished the whole first season I had to introduce Caitlin to the phenomena :) And since I got here at like 11 thats all we had time to do. Then today we got woken up at like 8 in the morning that was fun and we continued watching the dvds. Thennn we ran to the gangkst dollar store and to the hair salonnnn (nope, didnt get a haircut yet lol.) Thennn we went back to here and slept for like 2 hours because we were dead tired. Then we ate and Caits friends came over along with like 10 others of Stevens friends I dont know lol... and here I am 4 in the morning not being able to fall asleep and watching Conan B) Wow.. annd now Im just a tad bit tired soo Im gonna go to sleep. This update was the result of extreme boredom sooo dont feel obligated to comment. ;)
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