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Nothing really new has happened so I havnt update, but I am now :)

JULIET HAD HER BABYYYY! It was a girl and her names Lilly and JACLYNS THE GODMOTHER! So cute :) Thought Id post that cause I love babies and Jaclyns sooo happy.

Schools okay..blah my progress report was HORRIBLE but Ive already raised my grades, I hope lol. French is better now so Im happy and I love bio and world studies is okay and geometry can be boring but its alright.

This weekend should be awesome because Friday Lessys sleeping over so Courtney can go out for Andres b-day. So I'll get to see her for a little. Then out to Gabbyss so we can watch our Starwars marathon B) Haha my idea..the next one looks so good and I've never really seen the others before so yea. Jackies got her own special plans Friday but dont worry cause shes coming over saturday so we can have another movie marathon and stay up til like 4 in the morning cause thats like my favorite thing to do in the worlddd besides of course walking in my neighborhood at 5 in the AM lol. Seriously try it someitme its great. And I love planning our 6 day summer vacation before she goes to camp. Its gonna be amazing B) Thats pretty much it.
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