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I combined a few things B)

[Nicest] Theyre all nice to me but to others Id say Jaclyn and Jackie
[Coldest] no one really
[Smartest] Hul
[Tallest] Nan then Lizzy
[Shortest] Me but close second is Jaclyn
[Most Fashionable] Meebs and Lizzy and Becka
[Smells Best] Alex has the Murray smell so that wins :P Gabby too though
[Weirdest conversations] Jaclyn
[Most serious Conversations] Hul
[Silliest Conversations] Jaclyn
[Best Liar] hmmm
[Hottest] theyre all so bajang
[Most Annoying] that changes everyday
[Best] 4 Jackie Gabby and everyone
[Most Organized] Mia and Gabby
[Least Orginized] yes Im not the only one.. LIZZY
[Always Late] ME again but umm then Lizzy or Meebs?
[Always Early] Gabby cuz shes OCD about planning
[Always On Time] Jaclyn I think
[Known the longest] Hul
[Known the shortest] Jill
[Always Listens] Hul but so does everyone
[Funniest] I wouldnt be friends with them if they wernt all funny
[Silliest] Meebs
[Loudest] Jaclyn or Gabby
[Quietest] Meebs
[Craziest] Jaclyn
[Calmest] Jill and Becka
[Skinniest] Gabby
[Best secret keeper] Jaclyn
[Worst Secret Keeper] Me again but then Im thinking Lizzy for some reason
[The one you have but don't want] ha I used to have those but not any more
[Preppiest] Well considering I dont have friends in PREPATORY SCHOOL..NO ONE :D
[Peppiest] Hul <-- cheerleader :P
[Most hyper] Jaclyn but meebs has her days
[Weirdest] 4
[Biggest pervert] used to be Hul but were all pretty equal right about now lol
[Shyest] Jill
[Most religious] Jaclyn
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