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a day of no school is like a day of..no school :D

well I didnt go to school today which was something i needed to do for a while and was seriously contemplated on becuz i didnt want to miss my biology notes buuuuut i did and i guess i can just get them from soemone tomorrow..if it doesnt snow :) *fingers crossed*

and from that maybe you could already guess school is nothing less than overwhelming. last semester was so easy and im just not used to this lol but surprisingly i like bio and geometry wayyyy better than world studies and french cuz i hate my teahcers and theyre styles of teaching cuz they suck :) mr brucato wont give me check plus's if my life depended on it and mrs nelson is just like professor umbridge from harrypotter i sware and its not just cuz im re reading the 5th book right now lol. :D geek a leek. so yea right about now i hate school and i hate hating school cuz im wierd like that but i guess its cuz i spend about 70% of my time there and if i hate it..well its not too good.

besides that 70% of my time thats not going to good right now the other 30% is fine. basketballs okay besides me sucking the past few games but whatev i can get over it. i spend my weekends mainly at huls or someother escape place lol. not that i dont want to be home i just cant be alone for more than a day idk i think i have a problem lol i have to be with people i hate being alone i get wicked bored and then my undiagnosed add kicks in.

i see i get way more comments when i have those survey things lol even if half of them are mine. so i guess no ones going to be commenting :) whatev :p
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