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This is redic. 3 snow days in a row..I cant even remember that happened. Whatev :) I sorta miss school cause I wanted to start new classes. Oh well. Yesterday I had a game in Northmiddlesex "ew" The day before that I did absolutely nothing :D Actually I read 200 pages of HP5 which Im going to do in a sec after updating this thing lol. Its wicked addicting. Ummm Sunday..I cant remember...I think I came home from Mias and just chillaxed B) Saturday I trained at Mortal Combat with Mia and Jaclyn haha. That was of course after we played MADDEN, great game. Friday I think I had a game? I cant even remember anything lol. Yea I had a game and we won. Why I just went through my weekend backwards I dont know haha. But I have to say I enjoyed this time off but Im sick of the snow so it should stop now. IN OTHER NEWS GUESS WHOS GOING TO THE EARLY NOVEMBER SHOW THIS SATURDAY...haha Im wicked excited. It should be fun B) Thats it.

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